Monday, April 17, 2017

Ask Linda #1511-Ball hits equipment

Hi Linda,
First, I really enjoy and appreciate the effort and knowledge you put into the rules questions.
I know that you can carry golf clubs and or the sand rake into the sand as you play your shot from the sand. Question: Since you carried these items into the sand, do they become "your equipment" and if your shot contacts "your equipment" are you penalized two strokes?
Many thanks, Linda,
Lou from Sun City West, Arizona

Dear Lou,

Your equipment is still your equipment, regardless of where you park it. If you hit your ball and it is accidentally deflected or stopped by your equipment, you incur a one-stroke penalty (not two), and you must play the ball as it lies [Rule 19-2]. Should the ball become lodged in or on your equipment, pick up the ball, move the equipment, and drop it on the spot directly under where it came to rest in your equipment, no closer to the hole.

In your narrative, your golf clubs are your equipment, the rake is not (unless it is being held for you by your caddie or your partner). A rake is a movable obstruction. If your ball hits the rake, there is no penalty and you must play the ball as it lies. Please read Rule 24-1 regarding movable obstructions.

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