Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ask Linda #1347-Identify original and provisional ball before hitting

One of our members asked me whether she was required to identify the ball that she potentially had hit out of bounds as well as the ball that she was putting into play. This identification would be in addition to announcing that this was a provisional ball.

Is a player required to identify both balls to their fellow competitor(s) or marker?

Lulu from California

Dear Lulu,

The player should announce the brand, number, and personal identification mark on her ball when she begins her round. She should do the same whenever she puts a new ball in play that is differently marked. When she has two balls potentially in play (an original that may be out of bounds and a provisional), she should not only identify her provisional, but also remind players how it differs from her original. For example, she might say, “My original ball was a Brand X, #2, with red and blue dots; my provisional is a #3.”

She has not violated a Rule if she fails to do so, but it is good (and common) practice. It will help anyone who aids the player in her search, and it will confirm which ball she is hitting when she plays her next shot.

If a player has announced she will hit a provisional, and she has not stated how the provisional differs from the original, you should take the initiative to ask her to identify both balls.

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