Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ask Linda #1338-Drop from unplayable settles on cart path

Hi Linda,
A player hit his ball into a bush. He took an unplayable and a penalty. He dropped within two club-lengths and no closer to the hole. His ball rolled another club-length and came to rest on a cart path, no closer to the hole. Taking relief from the path would have put him into high grass. He elected to play from the path.
Was his decision to play from the path within the rules?
Thanks again,
Lou from Ontario

Dear Lou,

Yes. After he dropped away from the bush, he had a new situation – interference by an immovable obstruction (cart path). There is no requirement to take relief from a cart path. The player judged that the relief area (high grass) was worse than hitting off a cart path, and elected to play the ball as it lay on the path. Sounds like a wise decision to me!

Incidentally, there is no problem with a ball rolling one club-length away after a drop. It may actually roll up to two club-lengths, as long as it does not end up nearer the hole than its original position [Rule 20-2c (vi) and (vii)].              

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