Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ask Linda #1340-Ball placed in front of marker moved by wind

Hi Linda,
It’s a windy day and your ball is on the on the putting green and you have marked it and lifted the ball. You subsequently replace it without lifting the marker. The ball is at rest after it was replaced with the marker still behind it when a gust of wind blows the ball into another position. From which spot do you play the ball?  
Lulu from Scotland

Dear Lulu,

You play the ball from its new position.

If the ball had been moved by an outside agency, you would have to replace it [Rule 18-1]. Since wind, by definition, is not an outside agency [Definition of “Outside Agency”], the ball must be played from the spot where it was blown by the wind [Decision 18-1/12].

Once the ball has been placed in front of the marker, it is in play [Rule 20-4]. The presence or absence of the marker does not change the status of the ball.

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