Monday, July 11, 2016

Ask Linda #1337-Recall opponent’s shot

Hi Linda,
In match play, a player plays out of turn in a bunker. The shot is recalled. May the player recreate the lie that they had and is the ball placed or dropped?
Please sort out the correct procedure for me.
Lou from Bodicote, England

Dear Lou,


When you play out of turn in a match, and your opponent recalls your shot, you must replay the shot, in correct order, from the spot where you hit the original shot [Rule 10-1c].

If the original shot was played from a bunker, the ball must be dropped in the bunker. If the original shot finished outside the bunker, the player may rake the bunker without restriction. If the player failed to get the ball out of the bunker (in which case I doubt his opponent would recall the shot), the player would not be penalized for raking if he did not know his stroke would be recalled; if he did know, he would incur a loss-of-hole penalty (two-strokes in stroke play) if his raking improved his lie, the area of his stance or swing, his line of play, or the area in which he has to drop the ball [Decision 13-4/39].

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