Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ask Linda #953a-Follow-up to #953 ("Ball moves after placing")

Dear Linda,
Since it was likely obvious that the ball may roll back into the hazard after placing it, did this player have any other options for placement before he actually placed? 
Lou from Spain

Dear Lou,

This is a tricky question, Lou. You have to try to place the ball in the correct location. If you place it, and it immediately rolls away, you must try to place it one more time. If it doesn’t stay put the second time, you must place it at the nearest spot, no closer to the hole, where it will remain at rest [Rule 20-3d].

However, if you place the ball and it remains at rest and subsequently rolls, you must play it from its new location. If its new location happens to be back in the hazard, that is very unfortunate.

If you suspect your ball will not remain in place for very long after you place it, I would recommend the following procedure:
• Assess the situation, pick the club you plan to use for your next shot, and have it ready.
• If you plan to take a practice swing, take it now (before you place the ball).
• Place your ball, take your stance, and hit your shot without delay.

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