Friday, November 7, 2014

Ask Linda #945-Remove posts

Linda, is it permissible to remove, without penalty, direction or distance posts if they are in the line of the intended shot even if the player is several feet away from the posts?
Many thanks,
Lulu from England

Dear Lulu,

If the direction or distance post is designed to be removable, you may remove it. In this case, the post would be called a “movable obstruction.” There is no penalty for removing a movable obstruction; please don’t forget to replace it.

If the direction or distance post were set firmly in the ground, obviously not designed to be removable, the post would be an “immovable obstruction.” You are entitled to relief from an immovable obstruction when it interferes with your stance or the area of your intended swing [Rule 24-2a]. There is no free relief available if it interferes with your line of play. What you need to do is take your stance and try a practice swing. If you can stand and swing with no interference from the post, you are not entitled to free relief.

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