Saturday, December 16, 2017

Ask Linda #1663 edited

Dear readers,

I have received a number of questions regarding Ask Linda #1663-Casual water in bunker. Consequently, I have edited it to explain that while the player must drop in the bunker for free relief from casual water, he has the option to drop outside the bunker on the flagline with a one-stroke penalty if that is his preference. Please revisit the column:

However, please do not confuse relief from casual water in a bunker with relief from an unplayable ball in a bunker. While the flagline relief with a one-stroke penalty is available for interference from casual water, it is not a relief option for a ball you wish to declare unplayable. The only way to take relief outside the bunker for an unplayable ball is to play under stroke and distance, which means playing it from the spot where you last played the ball [see Rule 20-5 for whether to tee, drop, or place the ball]. There is no flagline relief for an unplayable ball in a bunker.