Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Ask Linda #1657-Second shot from bunker lands in area raked after first shot

Hi Linda
I would appreciate your opinion on the following:
A player in a large bunker plays her ball well forward but fails to get out of the bunker. She rakes her footprints to save time (doing nothing to improve her stance or lie for the next shot) and goes forward in the bunker to play her second shot. This time the ball ricochets back into the area she previously raked. I would say no penalty – correct?
Lulu from Australia 

Dear Lulu,

Your understanding is correct. A player is permitted to rake the bunker when her ball lies in the bunker, provided the reason for doing so is to care for the course and the raking does not improve her lie, the area of her intended stance or swing, or her line of play [Rule 13-4, Exception 2].

When the player in your question raked the bunker, her intentions were honorable (and her actions were legal). She could not anticipate that her next stroke would ricochet back into the area she had raked. She does not incur a penalty.

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