Monday, December 26, 2016

Ask Linda #1445-Putt strikes another ball on green

Player 1 and 2 are both on the green. Player 1 is away and putts first. In the process of putting, his ball hits player 2’s ball, who chose not to mark it. What is the ruling?
Lou from Green Valley, Arizona

Dear Lou,

In match play, there is no penalty. In stroke play, the player who putts the ball that strikes the other ball on the green incurs a two-stroke penalty [Rule 19-5a]. In either format, the player will play the ball as it lies.

There is nothing to stop the player from requesting that a ball on the putting green be marked and lifted. Any such request must be honored. If the player fails to ask, and his putt strikes the other ball, he has no one to blame but himself for the penalty he incurs in stroke play.

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