Monday, December 19, 2016

Ask Linda #1441-How to post when you play at least 13 holes

Hi Linda,
The other day I played 14 holes when my playing partner became ill. I posted my score but want to verify if I did it correctly. I am a 19 handicap, therefore I would get one stroke per hole and 2 for the number one handicap hole on the course. None of the last 4 holes was the number one handicap hole, thus I took par plus one stroke for the last 4 holes. In this case they were 3 par 4’s and 1 par 3, so I added 19 strokes to my score. Was this correct?
Lou from New Jersey

Dear Lou,

Absolutely! Good job, Lou.

Players governed by the USGA handicap system must post an 18-hole score whenever they play a minimum of 13 holes, recording par plus their handicap strokes for the holes not played.

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