Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ask Linda #1330-Whiffed ball doesn’t fall off tee

If the player whiffs the ball on the tee box, does the ball have to be removed from the tee?
Lulu from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Dear Lulu,

No. The ball is in play [Definition of “Ball in Play”]. Her next attempt to hit the ball will be her second stroke (the whiff was her first stroke).

If the ball has not been knocked off the tee, the player may play the next shot with the ball on the tee, or she may lift the ball, remove the tee, and drop the ball (the tee would be a movable obstruction after the whiff); if the ball lies on the ground, she must play it as it lies on the ground. If she were to re-tee and hit a ball that fell to the ground after a whiff, she would incur a stroke-and-distance penalty, which means that her next attempt to hit the ball would be her third stroke on the hole.

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