Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ask Linda #1326-Relief from hollow around drain

Last Saturday in a doubles match on an unfamiliar municipal course my ball came to rest short of the green by about 3 yards - in the second cut. However, it came to rest in an unusually deep and wide hollow of a drain. The hollow was about 2 feet in diameter. The ball was nestled very deeply in grass very near to the grate. My left foot was 4 inches below my right in the hollow as I addressed the ball. But, the club head was not likely to touch the grate if I aimed at the pin. I asked my competitor if he thought I was entitled to relief. He thought I was. However, I didn’t take relief. I swung at the ball and moved it about 4 feet. Lost the hole but eventually we won the match.
Do you think that I was entitled to relief?    
Lou from Hackettstown, New Jersey

Dear Lou,

Judging from your narrative, you were not entitled to free relief. Your stance, swing, and line of play were not affected by the grate, which is an immovable obstruction.

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