Friday, June 10, 2016

Ask Linda #1323-Rake footprints in bunker

Hi Linda,

I wonder if you could clarify the ruling on the following, please:
Ball hit into bunker and when we arrive at the bunker there are both footprints and animal prints in the sand. Are you permitted to rake as long as the ball isn't touched?
Many thanks,
Lulu from Scotland

Dear Lulu,

Players are permitted to rake the sand in the bunker at any time, provided they are doing so to care for the course and they do not breach Rule 13-2 before hitting their ball out of the bunker [Rule 13-4, Exception 2].

I assume, from your narrative, that the footprints are near the ball. If you rake those footprints, you will improve the area of your stance, swing, or line of play. This is a breach of Rule 13-2, and the penalty is two strokes (loss of hole in match play).

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