Friday, June 17, 2016

Ask Linda #1327-Out of hole, putt to help partner

This question pertains to match play. We have an interclub that plays match play where there are three 2-person teams (6 players) representing their course. Each of the 2-player teams plays against 2 players from the opposing course. The lowest score from either player on either team wins the hole. Let’s say the opposing team has already holed out for a 5. Our 2 players are on the green – Player 1 is lying 5 and Player 2 is lying 4. Player 1 knows she cannot win or tie the hole, but since the other team did not say that they “concede the putt,” Player 1 chooses to putt to help her teammate (Player 2) who can still tie the hole. But then the opposing team said that Player 1 should have picked up to speed play. What are Player 1’s options in this situation? Since I rarely play match play, your help is appreciated.
Lulu from New Jersey

Dear Lulu,

Since the putt has not been conceded, Player 1 has the right to putt her ball. The savvy player whose putt may assist her partner will hit that putt every time. There is no Rule stating the player should pick up to speed play. Whenever you can help your partner, you should do so.

The savvy opponent, knowing Player 1’s putt has no effect on the outcome of the hole, will immediately concede the putt. Once the putt is conceded, Player 1 may not putt the ball if doing so would assist her partner [Decision 2-4/6]. If Player 1 were to hole out after the concession, and the putt would provide useful information to her partner, the partner would be disqualified from the hole.

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