Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ask Linda #1322-Hit stray balls back onto range

Dear Linda,

Many thanks for your excellent emails on golf rules. I use these every week when I play golf with my friends to help them understand the rules of golf. They think I'm a real expert thanks to you!

A quick question. The practice ground at our course runs along the 17th hole. The other day there were quite a few practice balls just off the practice ground on the 17th fairway. After taking his second shot to the green, a person in our group started casually hitting the balls off the fairway back into the practice area without taking a stance, etc., whilst walking towards the green. Is this in contravention of the rules as he was deemed to be practising - even though he clearly wasn't?

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards
Lou from Cardiff, South Wales, UK

Dear Lou,

Probably not. If he was casually flicking the balls back onto the range for the purpose of tidying up the course, he did not breach Rule 7-2 [Decision 7-2/5].

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