Friday, May 27, 2016

Ask Linda #1313-Contiguous immovable obstructions

Linda, I am relatively new to your blog and love it!

Here in Surprise, AZ, we came across a situation where we need your advice. We have a par 4 with cart path running down the right side of the fairway. Player hits right and ball comes to rest on the edge of the right side of the cart path, where an adjoining area of river rocks (Local Rule defines as immovable obstruction) meets the cart path on the side opposite the fairway. Both immovable obstructions interfere with swing where only the cart path interferes with stance. The river rocks extend about three steps to the right of the path.

Do you treat each obstruction individually, taking sequential relief? In that case I would guess that you would elect to drop free of one obstruction and upon the other, and then taking subsequent relief.

Would you have a choice of which obstruction you are taking relief from?

Or, would you establish a nearest point of nearest relief that is free from both obstructions?

We appreciate your guidance and it is certainly improving our understanding of the rules and enjoyment of the game. Thank you.

Lou from Surprise, Arizona

Dear Lou,

Since the cart path and the river rocks are contiguous, I would recommend that the course tie both immovable obstructions together and explain on the scorecard that players seeking relief should drop at the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole, that gives them relief from both immovable obstructions with one drop. This would save time as well as eliminate unnecessary confusion.

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