Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ask Linda #1306-Temporary Immovable Obstructions (TIO’s)

PGA players are entitled to line-of-sight relief. I am told that this rule is not granted to amateurs. Other than local rules, don’t both play by USGA Rules?
Lou from Monroe, Louisiana

Dear Lou,

Temporary immovable obstructions (TIO’s) are installed on the golf course for very special events (generally professional tournaments). Examples of TIO’s are grandstands, TV towers, portable bathrooms, tents, etc. These structures are not normally found on the course, and are not part of the architect’s design, so it would be unfair if players were not granted line-of-sight relief. Accordingly, Committees may adopt Local Rule #7 [Appendix I, Part A, #4b] to give players complete relief from artificial structures erected in conjunction with a competition. This Local Rule is available to all Committees. It is not limited to professional tournaments. I doubt you will run into many amateur tournaments with grandstands, TV towers, etc., but if you do, there will most likely be a Local Rule granting you complete relief (including line-of-sight relief) from such structures.

I suspect you may be confusing immovable obstructions that are typically found on a golf course with temporary immovable obstructions (TIO’s). Benches, water coolers, and hole monuments are examples of immovable obstructions. There is no line-of-sight relief from immovable obstructions for any golfer, professional or amateur.

The Rules of Golf are the same for everyone, professional and amateur alike.

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