Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ask Linda #1310-DQ for wrong month on scorecard

Hi Linda,
Just a quick query re: one of our medal [stroke play] competitions.
I was disqualified from a medal for entering the wrong month on my scorecard. The name, competition, score (signed by my fellow competitor and myself), date and year were all correct. Unfortunately I entered the wrong month: 04 instead of 05.
We are a small club and therefore we prepare our own scorecards. They are not prepared by the committee .
Is this correct? Should I have been disqualified?

Lulu from Scotland

Dear Lulu,

The player is responsible for recording the correct handicap, verifying that the score recorded for each hole is accurate, and ensuring that both she and her marker sign the scorecard [Rule 6-2b, 6-6a, 6-6b]. That’s it. Everything else (the date, the player’s name, addition of scores, applying the handicap) is the responsibility of the Committee. The Committee should correct any errors related to its responsibilities (even if those responsibilities have been assigned to you); Committee errors are not grounds for disqualifying the player.

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