Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ask Linda #1308-Ball leaning against hazard stake

Hi Linda,
Please could you clarify the rule for a ball resting at the bottom of a yellow post designating a hazard, leaning next to it?
Thank you.
Lulu from England

Dear Lulu,

The answer can be found in the Definition of “Water Hazard.” When stakes define the margin of the hazard, they are in the hazard. A ball is in the hazard when it touches any part of the hazard. Therefore, if the ball is leaning against a stake that defines the hazard, the ball is in the hazard.

Sometimes a course will have both lines and stakes. In that case, the lines define the margin of the hazard and the stakes merely identify the hazard. If your ball touches the line, it is in the hazard. If it touches the stake, it is in the hazard only if the stake is in the hazard. If the stakes are situated outside the line defining the margin of the hazard, a ball touching such a stake would not be in the hazard.

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