Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ask Linda #1307-Practice swings in bunker after ball hit into another bunker

Dear Linda,
Is it allowed to make practice swings in the same bunker from which the player has hit his ball into another bunker? Rule 13-4, Exception 3, states that it is allowed to test the hazard, but 13-4b may lead to another conclusion.
Regards and thanks in advance,
Lou from the Netherlands

Dear Lou,

After you hit your ball out of a hazard, there are no restrictions on what you may do in that hazard. You may rake the sand, remove loose impediments, and take practice swings [Rule 13-4, Exception 3]. The fact that your ball landed in a different hazard is irrelevant.

Rule 13-4b states that you are not permitted to touch the ground in the hazard before you make a stroke at your ball that lies in that hazard, or before you drop or place a ball in that hazard that you have previously lifted.

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