Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ask Linda #1251-NPR from cart path

Is it possible that the nearest point of relief could actually be on the far side of the cart path and not on the side where the ball lies?  I am right handed, and I was told that it was closer to take my relief on the other side of the path no closer to the hole.
Lulu from San Tan Valley, Arizona

Dear Lulu,

The nearest point of relief (NPR) for a ball lying on a cart path is not a particular side, but a specific distance. If you are unsure which side offers the NPR, take your stance on both sides of the path, use a tee to mark where your ball would be positioned for a swing that gives you complete relief on each side of the path, and measure from each tee to the spot where your ball lies on the path. You will take your relief within one club-length of the spot on the side of the path that is closest to where your ball lies. Remember that you must choose the nearest point, unless both points are equidistant from your ball.

Measuring is not necessary if it is obvious which side will provide the NPR. For a right-handed golfer, the NPR for a ball that lies anywhere between the middle and left side of the path (assuming a path parallel to the fairway) will generally be on the left side of the path. You will probably need to measure if your ball lies to the right of middle.

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