Friday, February 5, 2016

Ask Linda #1249-Dropping zone requirement; holed provisional ball

Hi Linda,

Two questions:
1. Can a club introduce a Local Rule that states: "A player whose ball goes into the water MUST play from the DZ?"

2. If a player holed out with his provisional ball, I assume he could still abandon that ball if he finds his original and continue with that. It would not make sense, but is that correct?

Lou from Spain

Dear Lou,

1. A Committee is permitted to require that players use a Dropping Zone, but such a requirement is discouraged. It is always preferable to offer players at least two relief options. Please read Appendix I, #6.

2. Yes. The holed provisional ball does not become the ball in play until the player picks it out of the hole. If he decides to search for the original ball, and he finds it within five minutes, not only may he play it, he is obligated to continue play with the original ball [Decision 27-2b/2]. I would suggest that if the original ball is deep in the woods, the player might want to hustle to the hole and pull it out before anyone finds the original.

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