Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ask Linda #1223-Practice during delay between nines

Dear readers,
Several readers were confused by my answer to the question in #1220. Since my objective in answering your questions is to clear up confusion, not create more, I have rewritten the answer, providing a much more detailed response. Please return to #1220 and read the new explanation:

Hi Linda,
Thank you for your time in replying to all the emails you must receive.

My question is:
Are you allowed to practice at the halfway mark if there is a delay before you tee off for the second nine, i.e., practice putting on the putting green, practice in the nets or practice on the range while waiting? I know you can't practice on the course you are playing, but wasn't sure about the other scenarios.

Thanks again,
Lou from Adelaide, Australia

Dear Lou,

In between holes, players are permitted to practice putting or chipping on or near the putting green of the hole last played and the teeing ground of the next hole to be played [Rule 7-2]. They may also putt on a nearby practice green. Players may not take practice strokes from a hazard; nor may they practice if it will unduly delay play.

If play is delayed between nines, your practice is limited to putting and chipping. You may not use the range or nets. The penalty is two strokes in stroke play, loss of hole in match play.

The only exception to this Rule is if play has been suspended by the Committee. In that event, you will want to check with the Committee regarding where you will be permitted to practice. You should be allowed to use the range and the nets during a suspension in play, but it’s always best to ask first.

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