Friday, December 18, 2015

Ask Linda #1215-Ball ricochets off motor into hazard

Hi Linda,
I want to ask about a situation that occurred yesterday. Player has played second shot to get on green, having a water hazard in between player and green. In process the ball hit a water motor which was inside the hazard. The ball bounced back into the water. The player insisted that the ball has hit man-made structure so he has to play the second shot again. I asked to play third shot as the ball has hit the structure which was inside hazard. Please comment.
Lou from Pakistan

Dear Lou,

The player’s ball was accidentally deflected by an outside agency. This is known as a “rub of the green.” The ball must be played as it lies [Rule 19-1].

The location of the motor is irrelevant. If it were out of bounds, and the ball hit it and caromed in bounds, the player would rejoice in his good luck and play the ball as it lies on the course. If it were on the course, and a hit ball caromed off the motor and settled out of bounds, the player would be in the unenviable position of having to play another ball under stroke and distance.

This player’s ball is in the water hazard. If he chooses to take relief outside the hazard, his next shot will be his fourth shot on the hole (tee shot, second shot lands in water, drop outside hazard, next shot is #4).

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