Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ask Linda #1217-How to score wrong ball + lost ball

Hi Linda,
I am a little unsure on the scenario described below:

Player tees off & the ball lands in the rough, he plays his 2nd shot from the rough but only about 150 yards further. When comes to his 3rd shot he finds it is the wrong ball so he returns to where he played his 2nd shot but is unable to find his original ball. He then returns to the tee to put another ball in play.
Question is – what is the penalty count when he plays his 2nd ball from the tee?

One theory is since he is going back to the tee the wrong ball strokes are disregarded & he is playing 3 from the tee.
Another theory is that it is one stroke from the tee, two for the second stroke plus 2 penalties for a playing a wrong ball making 4 plus the next stroke replaying from the tee making 5 off the tee.
Kind Regards,
Lou from Earby, England

Dear Lou,

Stroke #1 – tee shot
Strokes #2 and #3 – two-stroke penalty for hitting wrong ball [Rule 15-3b]. Do not count the stroke itself, just the penalty. If the player hits subsequent shots with the wrong ball, they will not count in his score. However, you cannot avoid penalty for hitting a wrong ball once the deed is done.
Stroke #4 – one-stroke penalty for lost ball [Rule 27-1].

The player’s second shot from the tee will be his fifth shot on the hole.

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