Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ask Linda #1222-Hold club below grip

Hi Linda,
Are there any rules relating to how the club should be gripped and in particular where it should be gripped? I couldn't find anything searching the Official Rules of Golf app.

Specifically, as a right-handed player, can I grip a 7-iron with my left hand on the rubber grip as normal, and my right hand on the shaft about 6–12 inches above the club head?

A bit like how Happy Gilmore putts with his customised ice hockey stick/putter.

Lou from London, UK

Dear Lou,

You may grip the club however you wish. The purpose of the grip is to allow the player to get a firm hold on the club. It is not required that your hands be on the grip when you make a stroke at the ball. However, you must make a stroke – you may not push, scrape, or spoon the ball [Rule 14-1].

If you watch the pros chipping around the green, you may notice that sometimes they choke way down on the grip, often placing one hand at the bottom of the grip and the other on the shaft. This is perfectly legal.

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