Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ask Linda #1212-Provisional for ball in dry water hazard

Morning Linda.
On our 8th hole we have a long carry over water from the tee. However, most of the area marked as water is actually dry. If you hit your tee shot into an area where you may be able to go in and play the shot, even though technically it is in the water, is it permitted to play a provisional ball in case you are unable to play the original ball?
Lou from Oman

Dear Lou,

No. You may not play a provisional ball for a ball that is in a water hazard. You may only play a provisional ball for a ball that may be lost outside a water hazard [Rule 27-2a].

The ball is not “technically” in the water, as you state; however, it is officially in the water hazard. The Definition of “Water Hazard” does not require the presence of water; it is not unusual to encounter a dry water hazard on a golf course.

If you find you are unable to play the ball as it lies, you may proceed under one of the relief options available in Rule 26-1.

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