Friday, January 30, 2015

Ask Linda #989-Mulligans

Hi Linda
I am on the executive of our ladies club and we have a question for you.
If a player takes a "mulligan" how does she post her score?
I read the handicapping manual rule 4-2 and to me taking a mulligan would be a hole not played under the principle rules of golf and the player would take par plus any handicap strokes she is entitled to on that hole.  Am I correct?
Would an 18 handicapper post a bogey for a hole where she took a mulligan?
(and by the way we are informing our players that taking a mulligan is simply not allowed but apparently this has been happening and we just found out)
Thank you very much for your time
Lulu from Canada

Dear Lulu,

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a mulligan is a do-over. In a sanctioned tournament, a player would be subject to disqualification for taking a mulligan, as her reported score would be lower than what she actually shot.

Taking a mulligan is actually playing under stroke and distance – you are hitting another ball from the spot where you hit your previous shot. Your score for the hole would be the actual number of strokes played plus two more. For example, if the player duffs her tee shot, claims a mulligan, and scores five on the hole with that second ball, her score will be seven (she must count the original tee shot plus the one-stroke penalty under stroke and distance).

I believe the best way to handle this problem is to inform every player that mulligans are not permitted under the Rules of Golf, and include a warning that players using mulligans will be disqualified from the day’s competition if they do not turn in a correct score.

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