Friday, January 2, 2015

Ask Linda #973-Repair pitch mark before dropping ball

Linda… in a recent round my ball embedded in its own pitch mark, just a few feet off a green. I took a drop and my ball came to rest right behind the pitch mark. I would have liked to putt my next shot, but due to the pitch mark I had to chip the ball. The question arose as to whether or not I could have repaired the pitch mark before I took the drop. Can you help?

Lou from Texas

Dear Lou,

You are not permitted to repair the pitch mark prior to your next shot, Lou. This would constitute improving the area where you will drop the ball by eliminating an irregularity of surface, a violation of Rule 13-2 [Decision 13-2/10]. You may repair pitch marks on the putting green and the teeing ground, but not elsewhere.

Please don’t forget to repair the pitch mark as soon as your ball has passed the depression.

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