Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ask Linda #979-Player agrees to wrong match score

Hi Linda,

In a recent club championship match play competition we had a situation which I hope you can resolve.

Player A was recording the score of his match against player B. On conclusion of 18 holes, player A declared the match was all square and player B agreed (although he was not actually keeping a scorecard). The players proceeded directly to the 19th hole without notifying the committee. On the first additional hole, player B won the hole and the players reported to committee that player B was the winner, 1-up after 19 holes.

The committee then checked the scorecard that had been submitted by player A and discovered that in fact player A had won the match after 18 holes and had mistakenly declared that they were all square. There was therefore no need for a playoff.

Does player A win the match in view of the fact that he was 1 up after 18 holes and therefore negating the 19th hole, or does the victory of player B on the 19th hole stand due to the fact that both players accepted they were  all square after 18 holes?

Your assistance in this matter is appreciated,

Lou from Bermuda

Dear Lou,

Player B is the winner of the match.

The two players agreed that the match was all square after 18 holes. If Player A wanted to dispute the status of the match, he would have to file a claim before either player teed off on the 19th hole. Since he did not, he lost the match when he lost the 19th hole [Decision 2-5/6].

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