Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ask Linda #970-Determining margin of hazards and OB without a line

Hi Linda,

We have out of bounds and lateral water hazards which are concave into them. The green staff cuts the grass so that the mown area follows the circular shape. Consequently a ball can be on a mown area but using a direct line from stake to next stake can be out of bounds or in the hazard. What is the ruling? On our course they never use painted lines.

Many thanks,
Lou from Norway

Dear Lou,

When water hazards and out of bounds are marked by stakes only (no lines), the margin is marked by the side of the stake that faces away from the hazard or the out of bounds. In order to determine the location of your ball, stand behind the stake that is to one side of your ball and sight the stake on the other side of your ball.

In the case of the water hazard, if any part of your ball touches the hazard side of the line that you have visualized between the stakes, the ball is in the hazard.

In the case of out of bounds, if the entire ball lies to the right of that visualized line, the ball is out of bounds.

The condition of the terrain, whether rough or mowed, does not determine the location of the ball.

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