Monday, December 15, 2014

Ask Linda 965-Player kicks partner’s ball

Hi Linda,
I've looked at the rules for this & find some conflicting interpretations.
The situation was a pair match play. I've outlined the scenario, would appreciate your thoughts.

Team 1: Players A & B
Team 2: Players C & D

Player A accidentally kicked her partner B's ball. No penalty was taken & Player A went on to par the hole & halve it with team 2 Player C. Team 1 Player A moved the ball back to approximately where it was and Player B continued on the hole; however, her score wasn't necessary.

We wondered if there was a 1 shot penalty for Player A, or loss of hole, or no penalty. We played the latter. Didn't matter too much in the end as we won outright. However, had the game been closer, it could have been interesting…

Any input gratefully received.
Lulu from Sydney, Australia

Dear Lulu,

Rule 18-2a addresses this question. It states unequivocally that if a player’s ball is moved by her partner, the player incurs a one-stroke penalty and the ball must be replaced. There are exceptions, but accidentally kicking your partner’s ball is not one of them.

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