Friday, December 19, 2014

Ask Linda #968-Drop club in hazard


I hit my ball into a hazard, but could see it and it looked playable.
When I entered the hazard, I took two clubs with me because I
wasn't sure which one I'd use. With both clubs in my hand, I looked
at the situation, made my decision, and dropped the second club
away from where I was hitting. After exiting, I was cautioned not
to do that because dropping the second club could be viewed as
testing the conditions. I didn't think so...

In retrospect, after dropping the second club, if I decided to use it
for the shot, could that have been viewed as testing the conditions?

Lulu from Florida

Dear Lulu,

You are permitted to bring extra clubs (or even your entire bag) into a hazard with you and place them in the hazard. You may change your mind and play with the club you dropped in the sand. Neither act constitutes testing the condition of the hazard [Decision 13-4/0.5].

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