Thursday, November 7, 2013

Definition of "Embedded Ball"

Dear readers,
While Ask Linda #742 did not ask for the definition of "embedded ball," Lou from the U.K. felt it would be an appropriate time to present it on the blog. I agree. Here is his informative letter:


For clarity, you might wish to add an addendum to Ask Linda #742 to provide the definition of an embedded ball:

Unfortunately the definition of an embedded ball (or plugged ball) does not appear in the Rules of Golf, but does appear in Decision 25-2/0.5. It states:

"For a ball to be considered embedded, it must be in its own pitch-mark with part of the ball below the level of the ground. However, the ball does not necessarily have to touch the soil to be considered embedded, e.g., grass or loose impediments may intervene between the ball and the soil."

The diagram attached might be of assistance in explaining when a ball is embedded.  I believe that a similar diagram will appear in the new Decisions book (due out around 20th November).  I hope that the definition eventually appears in the next edition of the rules book (not due out for another 2 years).

Lou from the United Kingdom