Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ask Linda 750a-Relief from old hole plug

Hi Linda,
As a follow up to this [Ask Linda #750-Gravity or address moves ball], if the player could not totally repair the cup plug so as to get a flat lie, I believe she would have been entitled to get relief and to move the ball to avoid the plug mark without penalty.
Lou from Mississauga Ontario Canada

Dear Lou,

Ordinarily, a player is not entitled to relief from an old hole plug on her line of putt, since she is permitted to repair it [Rule 16-1c]. However, sometimes the plug is sunk below the level of the green or raised above it. If she cannot level it, she may ask the Committee to raise or lower the plug. If the Committee is not able to repair the plug without unduly delaying play, it is authorized to declare the plug to be ground under repair. In that case, the player is entitled to free relief under Rule 25-1b (iii). She must place the ball at the nearest point of relief that is no closer to the hole.

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