Monday, November 4, 2013

Ask Linda #742-Clarification of #665 (Embedded Ball Relief)

Hello Linda,

I am confused by the question and answer regarding Ask Linda #665 - Embedded Ball Relief. Does Rule 25-2 (Embedded Ball) not answer clearly the "how to and when" on embedded balls?

The answer in your blog on this subject (your blog which I take as gospel, great rules stuff) does not mention anything about this rule’s existence, or is the question/answer specifically with regards to the rough (not a closely mown area)?

Many thanks,
Lou from Ontario

Dear Lou,

Rule 25-2 provides for relief for balls that are embedded in closely mown areas through the green. “Closely mown areas” means the grass is cut to fairway height (e.g., fairways, aprons around the green, dew paths). “Through the green” means the whole golf course, excluding the tee and green of the hole you are playing and all hazards.

Local Rule #4 in Appendix I, Part B (in the back of the rulebook) provides relief for an embedded ball anywhere through the green. This rule allows a player relief for a ball embedded in the rough. It is suggested that Committees adopt this local rule when course conditions warrant it (e.g., after torrential rains have made the course extremely wet or muddy).

The PGA puts Local Rule #4 on its hard card, which means that professional golfers are always entitled to relief for balls embedded in the fairways and the rough. The reader in Ask Linda #665 (published on May 30) wanted to know why this Local Rule is always in effect in PGA tournaments, regardless of whether conditions warrant such relief.

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