Friday, November 15, 2013

Ask Linda #747-Leave ball on green

Am I allowed to not lift my ball on the green if I know it could or will help my partner?
Thank you,
Lou from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Dear Lou,

In both match play and stroke play, if a player feels that your ball might assist your partner (or any other player), he may ask you to lift it. If he asks, you are obliged to comply [Rule 22-1].

If you are not asked to lift it, you may leave the ball on the green. In match play, there is no penalty if another ball putted from on the green strikes your ball at rest on the green. In stroke play, however, such contact would result in a two-stroke penalty for the player putting the ball [Rule 19-5a].

In stroke play, if the Committee determines that you and your partner have agreed to leave a ball on the green for the purpose of assisting each other in your play, you will both be disqualified.  

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