Monday, October 21, 2013

Ask Linda #736-Posts support OB fence

Dear Linda
I understand the rule regarding the OB Wall is fixed and no free relief is given when the ball lies against the wall.

We have a case where an eight foot wall is supported by very large (36” in diameter) concrete posts at a 45 degree angle towards in bounds, some 3 feet away from the wall. Between the posts and the wall is a clear area for a player to walk under…but the posts are clearly in bounds but attached to the very high wall.

My question is: if a ball lies in bounds near the very large supporting posts that hold up the wall, but not against the wall, would I be right in saying if it interferes with your stance or swing there is relief with no penalty? We are talking about the base of the post 3 feet in bounds away from the wall, with the posts deemed immovable.

Please could you help.
Lou from Thailand

Dear Lou,

Angled supports that extend onto the golf course are obstructions [Decision 24/2]. You are entitled to free relief if the supports interfere with your stance or swing.

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