Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ask Linda #731-Multiple rules’ infringements

Hi Linda,
My friend is distraught as she played in an event where her marker (male) declared she had broken rules 4 times! On the green (replacing ball properly after marking -twice, she sometimes straightens her ball after lifting the marker - while not moving it closer) which is a carelessness and she agreed; again when she picked up her own ball mistakenly, near a puddle, thinking hers was further on, (a penalty was agreed on, she replaced her ball); finally - perhaps she was now being watched.!. her marker believed her to have played a ball from other than the place it had landed and she disagreed on that.
However, the moved ball infringement was only spoken of after the signing of the card by the complainant. My friend has her moments of vagueness but I believe, not dishonest -was rightly disqualified from the event, but is the Committee bound to take further action, i.e. suspend her, - she is in fear of that -and should not her marker have brought all the complaints up beforehand? He is in good standing with the club & it would appear he thinks her actions deliberate. Two weeks have passed.
Many thanks for a reply,
Lulu from Melbourne, Australia

Dear Lulu,

If your friend plans on playing in competitions, she should make a serious effort to learn the Rules of Golf. The prohibitions against touching or moving an unmarked ball and lifting a ball in play are basic rules that every player must know. Perhaps you could help her by playing a couple of rounds together and reviewing the basic Rules and relief procedures. 

A marker should point out any Rules violations as they happen, or as soon as possible. No one should ever withhold information that might lead to a player’s disqualification. If a marker is unsure whether a particular procedure is correct, he should review the matter with the Committee before the player signs her card, and tell the player he plans to do this.

A Committee will interview a player and her fellow competitors before considering whether to suspend a player. The Committee would need clear proof of cheating before imposing such a serious penalty.

Please encourage your friend to study the Rules.

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