Friday, September 20, 2013

Ask Linda 723-Club to measure relief

Dear Linda ,
I am watching world match play golf.  McDowell is taking a penalty drop of 2 club-lengths from near the green and is measuring the relief distance with his driver. My understanding is you should measure with the club you intend to use - should he not be using a wedge?

Lou from Manchester UK

Dear Lou,

When you take relief that you pay for with a penalty stroke (e.g., unplayable ball, lateral water hazard), you may use any club in your bag to measure the two-club-length relief. You may even borrow someone else’s club, as long as the borrowed club is not longer than the longest club in your bag.

When you take free relief (e.g., immovable obstruction, ground under repair), you should use the club you would use to hit your next shot to establish your stance at the nearest point of relief. Once you find that spot, you may now use any club in your bag for the one club-length of relief.

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