Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ask Linda #722-Practice after holing out

Hi Linda.

We were playing a stroke play competition yesterday on our 9 hole course. It was an 18 hole competition - we play round the course twice off different tee markers on each 9.
Anyway, I missed a 4 foot putt on the 7th hole and after we finished the hole I put my ball down to try the putt again. One of my fellow competitors said I couldn't do that. I said that Rule 7-2 allows for practice putting or chipping on a hole just completed (as long as you aren't holding up play). He felt that because we had to play the same hole on the back 9 that it amounted to practicing on a hole yet to be played. Neither of us is sure of the rule in these circumstances and would appreciate your input!

Lou from New Zealand

Dear Lou,

Rule 7-2 is the applicable Rule here, Lou. You are permitted to practice putting on the green of the hole you last played, provided you don’t delay anyone’s play [Decision 7-2/9].

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