Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ask Linda #719-Brushing away loose impediments

Hi Linda,

I played a match today and was penalised for removing loose impediments that lay in front of my ball (the impediments were leaves from a nearby tree).

My ball was a foot off the green on the apron. My opponent said that the reason I was penalised was because I brushed the impediments with my hand (back of the hand) and didn't pick them up individually. The loss of hole went on to be pivotal in the match and I can’t find anything in the rulebook stating that the manner in which the impediments are removed should make me incur a penalty.

Many Thanks,
Lou from the UK

Dear Lou,

Loose impediments may be removed by any means, Lou [Decision 23-1/1]. You got hoodwinked. You should not have accepted his “ruling” that you lost the hole. Next time, stick to your guns and let your opponent file a claim. The Committee will rule that you are entitled to brush away loose impediments with your hand and you do not lose the hole.

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