Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ask Linda #717-Foot on cart path after relief

Hi Linda,
The following situation:
Ball is lying on a cart path on the left hand side. The rule states that you may take free relief at the nearest point of relief. Nearest point of relief is on the left hand side of the path. This happens to be a fairly steep hill. Player drops his ball twice and then places his ball. He then takes his stance and finds that his right leg is on the cart path. His opponent tells him that he should penalize himself with two shots. Could you please clarify?
Lou from Spain

Dear Lou,

When a player takes relief from an immovable obstruction, he must take complete relief. If his stance is still on the cart path after the drop, re-drop, and subsequent placement (I assume the ball rolled more than two club-lengths when he dropped it on the steep hill), he has not taken complete relief. The player is not penalized unless he plays the ball with his stance still on the path. He must re-drop, since the ball is in a position where he still has interference from the condition from which he was taking relief [Rule 20-2c (v)].

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