Friday, April 13, 2018

Ask Linda #1740-Ball at rest moved 100 yards by ball in motion

Hi Linda,
This is stroke play. Player A strikes his ball, it hits Player B’s ball, which is a few feet in front of A’s ball. B’s ball is projected 100 yards down the fairway. Does Player B have to retrieve his ball and replace it on its original spot, or can he substitute a ball to save time?
I have looked at Rules 15 and 18 but am uncertain as 15-2 says you can substitute a ball if it is to be placed, not replaced. Rule 18-5 says a ball struck by a ball in motion is to be replaced. It looks to me, you have to walk the 100 yards or so and return with the original ball and replace it, which seems very time wasting.
Lou from Bodicote, U.K.

Dear Lou,

Rule 18-5 states: “the moved ball must be replaced.” When the Rules say “the ball” (as opposed to “a ball”), the ball must be replaced. However, Note 1 to this Rule further states: “If a ball to be replaced under this Rule is not immediately recoverable, another ball may be substituted.” Based on this Note (and on Decision 18/11), I see no problem substituting another ball. A ball that is 100 yards away is not, to my mind, “immediately recoverable.” 

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