Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Ask Linda #1737-Relief when ball hit further into hazard

I'm playing in a team match play. I punch out of some trees and go into a dry lateral hazard. I proceed to hit into the water directly in front of me. I claimed I could take a lateral drop from where the ball originally crossed the hazard. My opponent said no, I had to hit from the same spot in the hazard. Is that correct?
Lou from California

Dear Lou,

Your opponent is incorrect. If you opt for the two-club-length relief from a lateral water hazard, the reference point for relief is the point where the original ball last crossed the hazard. Please read Rule 26-2a (ii). Actually, I would recommend reading all of Rule 26-2a. This Rule will give you every relief option available when you play your ball in a hazard and hit it further into the hazard or into another hazard.

You are permitted to drop a ball at the spot in the hazard where the original was last played (under penalty of one stroke), but it is only one of several relief choices. It is not a requirement.

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