Monday, April 2, 2018

Ask Linda #1730-Stroke dislodges hidden ball

A weird situation happened today in a casual game with friends.
We were on the 18th hole I hit my tee shot in the rough. My ball was easily found and when I hit it for my second shot two balls came out. Another ball had been imbedded under my ball. It was not visible and when I swung at my ball I hit the top of it also sending two balls flying. My ball went the 120 yards to the green; the other ball flew about 10 yards.

Would I incur a penalty for hitting the wrong ball?
Would I play my ball as it lies?

I am not sure what the ruling would be. Your help is appreciated.
Thank you
Lou from Sacramento, California

Dear Lou,

No penalty, and you would play your ball as it lies [Decision 15/2].

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