Monday, March 13, 2017

Ask Linda #1489-Hit tee shot outside teeing ground

Hi Linda,
The SANDF Western Province played an IPS [Individual Player Stableford] yesterday. One player, on one tee box, accidentally teed off from the yellow marker (the further marker) instead of the white that was the competition tee. According to my knowledge, you can move up to 2 metres back from the marker (not closer to the hole). The yellow marker was further back than 2 metres. Are there any penalties involved in teeing off from the wrong tee? Should this be taken into consideration when calculating the score and how?
Kind regards.
Lulu from Cape Town, South Africa

Dear Lulu,

Stableford competitions are governed by stroke play rules. In stroke play, a player who hits her tee shot outside the teeing ground incurs a penalty of two strokes. If she does not correct this error by playing a ball from within the teeing ground before she tees off on the next hole, she would be disqualified from a regular stroke play competition [Rule 11-4b]. However, in a Stableford competition, she would only be disqualified for the hole [Rule 32-2b].

The ruling is different for match play. If a player in a match tees off outside the teeing ground, there is no penalty. However, her opponent may recall the player’s shot, meaning the stroke would be canceled and the player would hit another tee shot from within the teeing ground [Rule 11-4a].

For those of you who may be relatively new to golf, the teeing ground is the rectangular area where you begin play of the hole. The front of the teeing ground is defined by the outside limits of the two tee markers. The back of the rectangle is within two club-lengths of the front of the tee markers. If you tee your ball up outside this rectangle, you are playing from outside the teeing ground.

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