Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ask Linda #1178-Carry a training club during round

Hi Linda,

Please could you help me with this?
I regularly play with a guy who 'knows' all the rules and can be painful at times, but he's mostly spot on when discussing the rules. However, I noticed the other day he carries a training club around with him to warm up before he starts the round but then takes it with him. This club exceeds the permitted fourteen.
I understand it's only a training club, but is this permitted?

Many thanks 
Lou from Sydney, Australia

Dear Lou,

No. A player is not permitted to carry a training club in addition to his 14 clubs. He would be penalized under Rule 4-4 for carrying an extra club [Decision 4-4a/7].

The player may carry a training club if he has less than 14 clubs in his bag, provided the club conforms to Rule 4-1. He may warm up with the club prior to his round, but he may not swing it during his round. If he does, the penalty is disqualification for a breach of Rule 14-3 [Decision 14-3/10]. Please be aware that the penalty will change in 2016. The first breach will be a two-stroke penalty; a subsequent breach will result in disqualification.

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