Monday, October 26, 2015

Ask Linda #1177-Relief from guy wire

Linda, we have a 50' protective fence inside the boundary fence (stops slicers’ balls going into the road or towards houses) that angles in toward the hole at 30º. My question regards the immovable guy wire that extends from the top of the last post of the fence to the ground. If you are behind this guy wire and it is in line with a shot to the flag but does not impede swing or stance…any free relief? Choices…hook or fade around obstruction or take unplayable lie at cost of one stroke. Does a safety issue ever warrant relief? If hit in straight line with proper trajectory the ball could ricochet and return to golfer’s noggin.

Dear Lou,

Guy wires supporting a protective fence that extend onto the golf course are obstructions [Decision 24/2]. A player is entitled to relief if the wires interfere with his stance or the area of his intended swing. There is no free relief from an immovable obstruction on the line of play [Rule 24-2a]. If the player is concerned about a ricochet, he might want to aim his shot away from the problem or wear a hard hat.

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